Justin Gullett, feature film director & CEO of Red Thread Pictures.

Justin is the WINNER of steven spielberg's worldwide film contest “ON THE LOT” with 20th CENTURY FOX AND DREAMWORKS. 


Justin Gullett has been signed to direct three new films: "A Fighting Chance," "Tesla" and “The Last Story Of David Allan”. 

"A Fighting Chance"

Plot Summary: A modern-day "Rocky" story meets "The Count of Monte Cristo."

Status: (Development)


Plot Summary: The unique factual depiction of the life of Nikola Tesla, a time travel inventor from the late 1800's. 

Status: (Preproduction) 

"The Last Story of David Allan"

Plot Summary: An ordinary man forced into killing assigned victims. He tells the story of his last victim & the girl he tried not to fall in love with.

Status: (Preproduction)