Justin Gullett the WINNER of Steven Spielberg's worldwide film directing contest “ON THE LOT”

Justin Gullett is a film director as well as the CEO and Founder of the motion picture company, Red Thread Pictures. Coming from Memphis, Tennessee, Justin is gaining worldwide attention due to his cutting-edge approach towards directing and producing.

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"The Last Story of David Allan"

Plot Summary: Forced into a career as a hitman, a man struggles with his conscience when he falls for a innocent woman, during what very well might be his last days alive.

Status: (In Production)


"The Bull"

A story about John "Bull" Bramlett.

Status: (Preproduction Begins May 2018)


"A Fighting Chance"

Plot Summary: A dynamic tale of will and revenge told amongst the ring of boxing/MMA. "A Fighting Chance" takes the underdog tale of "Rocky" and combines it with the elaborate tale of revenge from "The Count Of Monte Cristo" to create a one-of-a-kind thrill ride for audiences to cheer. 

Status: (Preproduction Begins August 2018)



Plot Summary: The unique factual depiction of the life of Nikola Tesla, a time travel inventor from the late 1800's. 

Status: (Preproduction Begins January 2019)


"The Rector"

Suspenseful murder mystery.

Status: (Development)



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