Fitness Films

"Lochte Hard-CORE"

Gullett directed and produced the highly anticipated home workout series "LOCHTE Hard-CORE." Starring: Ryan Lochte, ELEVEN-TIME Olympic Gold Medalist and his world-renowned trainer Matt DeLancey. This series focuses entirely on the core to achieve the most desired and coveted physique, the Olympic swimmers body, without having to step into a pool.  It might look familiar as it was demonstrated on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Time Magazine, Mens Health Magazine, The cover story of The New York Times... ext. A Red Thread Pictures Fitness Film. 

"The Burn Program"

Directed by Justin Gullett, produced by Drew Gallagher, Harvey Lowry and Larry Thornton for Weider Global Nutrition. This brand new home DVD workout series "The Burn Program" is available in stores this Fall 2015. Visit for more infermation. A Red Thread Pictures Fitness Film 


Coming Soon...

"Organized Kaos"

Justin Gullett is directing a whole new in-home workout series "Organized Kaos." Developed by the A-List Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Wesley Okerson who has trained the largest name in Hollywood, such as Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler, Katie Holmes, Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher and many more. Journey with us to take a look behind the vail of Hollywood glamor and find out how hard these celebrities really train. Now is the time to train from the very best and get the desired strength and physique only a A-List actor/actress would have. A Red Thread Pictures Fitness Film.